Arnie Schwarzenegger showed the way early: in the austrian mix of heart, brain and primordial power lies the license for becoming a global brand. With KTM and REMUS the action hero has long since found equal counterparts in the international bike community regarding the category World Success from Austria. Now reunited as a power duo of individual driving fascination: REMUS has developed a really smart slip-on sports silencer for the KTM Duke 790, the latest stroke of genius from Mattighofen. For motorcycle enthusiasts the new REMUS sound will be music to their ears. Noticeable side effect of this audible upgrade: 1.1 Nm more torque value and 1.4 hp at 6300 revolutions, but 1.6 kilograms lighter than the series. The conclusion: The REMUS package makes the brand-new Duke 790 of KTM the icon of the action-affine two-wheeled world.

When the developers in Mattighofen invest 11,111 hours of work into a completely new engine, the only possible outcome is the highest rating that can be achieved in each sector. The KTM Duke 790 is the first midbrand-range naked bike of its kind to be enthroned on a completely redesigned two-line cylinder engine with 799 cc, 105 hp peak output and 86 nm of torque. The connoisseur knows his way around. Especially since the compact design of the engine also comes with a very aesthetic-athletic physique. For when the tank is full, the new Duke 790 only puts 174 kilograms on the road, while power and maneuverability create the gift of effortless driving for athletes who like to be dynamic.


The compact high quality of the new KTM wonder bike is hard to beat. But its not impossible! With the new slip-on sports silencer the bike specialists at the REMUS research and development center in Bärnbach have once again achieved something like squaring the circle. The system, which was specially developed for KTM, is a perfect match for the athletic power of the KTM Duke 790. Apart from the cool look, the new REMUS system is a general upgrade according to the REMUS-equation: better sound + more performance - 1.6 kilograms weight = even more individual driving pleasure.