REMUS product information 29-2015 Skoda Octavia III RS

REMUS cat-back sport exhaust with 2 integrated valves for the
SKODA Octavia III RS / vRS Sedan & Station wagon, 2015=>.
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Car and engine specification
SKODA Octavia III RS / vRS Sedan & station wagon, Type 5E, 2015=>
2.0l TSI 162 kW
Part no. Description € RRP price excl. VAT
806015 1300 RACING stainless steel racing cat-back section instead of front silencer, without homologation 190,--
806015 0500LR RACING stainless steel L&R sport exhaust system, Y-connection tube, 2 integrated electrical valves and remote control module. Fits into the original skirt using integrated tail pipes, without homologation 1.190,--
• L/R Sport exhaust and front racing section only fits as a complete system!
• RACING – without homologation!
Under POWERIZER you will find the entire product range, prices and installation instructions.
REMUS Powerizer: More power, more economy and more fun.

• Up to 25 % more power
• Up to 20 % more torque
• Up to 1l/100 km fuel saving
• Fully adjustable power increase
• Simple DIY installation (Plug & Play)

REMUS POWERIZER: The performance figures represent the maximum achievable values. The actual performance output depends on the original tolerances of
each engine. REMUS delivers the POWERIZER with the best possible setting for your vehicle type. You can adjust the performance according to your requirements
as per the POWERIZER instructions

Legal references

1. Completion and registration of chip tuning in the car documents
Due to chip tuning, the operating license of the vehicle will terminate if the installation and registration of the POWERIZER is not carried out or immediately reported
to an official approved testing facility. Please consider that driving a vehicle without the required operating license will cause legal penalties.

2. Vehicle insurance must be informed upon installing a POWERIZER
The installation of the POWERIZER can have influence on the insurance policy of your vehicle. You must inform the insurance company if you install a POWERIZER
in your vehicle.

3. Effect of chip tuning on warranty and guarantee claims
a) When installing a POWERIZER, you will lose all guarantee claims regarding the engine against the vehicle manufacturer.
b) Installing a POWERIZER, can have influence on warranty claims against the seller of the vehicle.
c) REMUS excludes any claims regarding compensation for damages on the engine and drivetrain.
Under RESPONDER you will find the entire product range, prices and installation instructions.

Improved throttle response, more dynamic!

The REMUS Responder improves throttle response by means of modifying the accelerator pedal output signal. No more throttle delay and reduced lag during automatic shifting makes driving with the REMUS Responder more fun. The Responder attaches between the OEM pedal sensor and the OEM connector, ready to use in seconds due to plug & play technology. Sophisticated adjustable programming profiles can lead to improved fuel consumption and more efficiency. The 4 individual user selectable and adjustable performance settings allow drivers to select according to their own preferences. The REMUS Responder totally eliminates the delay in modern electronic accelerator pedals!